14th Annual BGJ Seminar Day

With Susan Gregory and Peter Philippson

The British Gestalt Journal Seminar Day is an annual event bringing together friends, readers, writers, editors and reviewers of the journal.

In a day of participation and conversation, Susan Gregory and Peter Philippson will lead attendees in a series of embodied activities which are at the heart of Gestalt therapy practice and theory. Experience, inherently body-grounded, is what we Gestalt therapists work with – helping our clients sense, feel, experiment with, and grow as embodied human beings in relation with others. Throughout the BGJ day, we will experiment with breath, movement, and the felt-sense of creative adjusting. We hope everyone will have an opportunity to reflect upon their own practices, and to connect with one another around ways to move forward in living and working as Gestalt therapists.

In addition to a healthy and tasty organic gluten-free lunch participants are invited to support the British Gestalt Journal by baking gluten free cakes to share with the community. Savoury food will be provided by Dora Johnston from the Home Grown Catering Company (https://thehomegrowncateringcompany.wordpress.com).

5.5 Continuous Professional Development hours will be offered to all attendees.

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