15th Annual British Gestalt Journal Seminar Day

The Annual BGJ Seminar Day is an opportunity for gestalt practitioners; friends, writers and reviewers of the Journal, to engage in conversation, exchange ideas and experiences and to get involved in workshops together. This year, we are delighted to announce that Gaie Houston and Dr. Tim Read will facilitate the day. More information about the topics and facilitators can be found below.

Date: November 19th 2016

Vegetarian lunch provided. Cake contributions welcome! (please label with ingredients).

Awareness, Phantasy and Physics with Gaie Houston

An important distinction exists between consciousness and awareness. Gestalt Therapy is concerned with raising awareness.  Non-ordinary states of awareness are in most people’s experience, yet for the most part only the vocabulary of pathology describes them. This talk aims to remind us of the ways in which this therapy can enhance our awareness and use of them.

The Healing Power of Non Ordinary States of Consciousness with Dr. Tim Read

Discussing some of the key concepts of archetypal psychology drawing on Plato, Jung and Grof, while concentrating on the elements of archetypal openings that have most relevance for the psychotherapist. Tim asks how can we access, harness and integrate the depth and power of numinous experience for therapeutic use and for psycho spiritual development?

5.5 Continuous Professional Development hours will be offered to all attendees.

Tickets cost £40 and can be booked here.

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