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International Body-Mind Workshop – Alexander Technique meets Gestalt Therapy


Saturday 22nd October, 2016.
10 AM – 4:30 PM, Nottingham.

Miriam Grace (Granthier) and Imogen Ragone will be running their third International Body-Mind Workshop, this year in Nottingham. It will be one-day interactive workshop in which we’ll present our latest ideas on the interconnectedness of body and mind through the lenses of Gestalt and Alexander Technique.

Join us for a day of exploration: through fun, experiential exercises we’ll look at sensation and body-mind awareness, to understand the wholeness and interconnectedness of thought patterns, physical and emotional experience and learning ways to get out of the way of our own healing and natural balance. Miriam and Imogen (visiting from the USA) will provide a safe workshop space for these explorations, which will include breath work, floor work, paired and group exercises, as well as discussion, linking the emotional and psychological elements of our body expression.

Miriam and Imogen have worked together sharing commanalities, for example understanding Gestalt focus on awareness and the centrality of pausing in the Alexander technique. The founders of both disciplines share similar influences and Imogen and Miriam’s development of this integration has deepened both their approaches as practitioners.

Feedback from previous workshops: 

“I wanted to enhance my connection within myself and my expectations were met.”

“A well-managed group”

“A relaxing day where I learned more.”

I thought this was a brilliant day which has really made me rethink about myself and how I can use the knowledge I have gained to improve things for myself… It was a very original workshop which exceeded all my expectations.

Well facilitated and good value. Well done to you both the way in which you facilitated the day and demonstrated the body mind connection.

Contact: Miriam at

Cost: £90 (or £80 for UKAGP members)

Place: International Community Centre
61b Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN

Time: 10am – 4.30pm

Date: 22nd October 2016 

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