A Call to All Trainees

The first UKAGP Student Community Day is taking shape.

If you are a trainee, interested in co-creating elements of the day in advance, do any of the following excite you?

  • Design a welcome and opening structure for the start of the day
  • Shape experiments with form and flexibility suitable for a newly formed group
  • Attend to props, materials and physical comfort for the day
  • Create a closing structure and goodbye for our time together

If any of these generate a spark of energy, do contact Helen and Dawn at training@ukagp.org.uk

Your contribution is welcome, however large or small. It would be great to have input from trainees at as many as possible of the training organisations.

Helen Thomas and Dawn Gwilt

One thought on “A Call to All Trainees

  1. Hi Helen and Dawn

    One thought that sprang to mind was to have areas in the room with signs such as N west, N east, Wales, Scotland, S west etc so that should people wish to, they can congregate in the area they come from or are interested in.

    That way, straight off the bat people will know that they’re talking to someone in their own area, which help to foster links and connection in the first instance.

    or maybe something along these lines to help people gravitate towards others with similar interests.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


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