AAGT Members AGM / Conference Booking

The AGM (Annual General Meeting) of AAGT will follow the UKAGP conference, starting at 6.30pm on 2nd July with an evening session before dinner, and continuing on Monday 3rd from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. AAGT’s inter-conference AGMs are a vital part of our continuing contact and development.

We aim to allow time for extended conversations about who and what we are as the AAGT, including how we can advance our vision into viable action. For most of the time we are informal, creating loose structures for exploration and review of our activities in order to provide the ground for the final more formal AGM time of making decisions. In the evening we have fun and play together! We invite you to join us at this vital period in our AAGT experiment and in the wider community!

AAGT members attending the AGM have three choices for attendance:

(1) UKAGP conference plus accommodation on 2nd July for AAGT AGM – £485
(2) AGM only lodging (2nd July) – all meals provided by AAGT – £50 (limited places so book early to avoid disappointment).
(3) AGM only – all meals provided by AAGT – FREE – please note in order to ensure we can inform the venue of your presence you will need to email admin@ukagp.org.uk in order to book your place.

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