Developing Embodied interventions and experiments within the co-created embodied field

‘Developing Embodied interventions and experiments within the co-created embodied field’

Julianne Appel-Opper will offer the next series of 3 English speaking weekend workshops in Berlin on 21-23 Oct 2016; 20-22 Jan 2017; 21-23 April 2017 – for a detailed flier and to apply, please email: Thank you!

Rooted in Dialogical Gestalt Psychotherapy, the workshops will focus on bodily gestalten as tiny movements, rhythms and melodies of two bodies relating, regulating and communicating with each other. In an embodied field, therapist and client move each other and are moved by the other. The workshops will give the opportunity to discover and explore ways of how the therapist can work with ‘body-to-body-communication’. The therapist’s own bodily attunement to the relational language of the client’s body, alongside an awareness of one’s personal physical resonances, allows the possibility for explicit interaction within this mode of body-to-body-communication (not touching). Julianne offers a safe and respectful space for exercises, experiential process, live supervision and demonstration, theory input and small group work. The participants will receive a 30-page-handout with the relevant theoretical concepts.

Julianne is a UKCP reg. Integrative and Gestalt Psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. For more information, for example to download publications or to read what others said about the workshops, please visit her website at:

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