Nick Totton: Reclaiming the heart of Psychotherapy

Dates: Saturday 30th September 2017

Venue: Bristol

Nick will argue that the last few decades have seen a powerful movement within therapy to tighten its theoretical and institutional structures. It has set up processes of regulation and surveillance on every level to make psychotherapy and counselling conform to the model of a 21st century profession. Nick believes that as such, therapy as a profession has lost its core values, but that a groundswell of opposition is now reclaiming the heart of therapy.

For more information please go to the full details on our website, where you can also view the ticket options and book a place.

​The day includes experiential work, lunch and refreshments.

The Marianne Fry Lectures began after her death in 1998. Her friends and students wanted to perpetuate, for the benefit of later generations of Gestalt therapists and trainees, the values and interests of a distinguished and beloved Gestalt trainer.



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