The Ageing Process: A Gestalt exploration

Sat 13th Sun 14th May 2017 – facilitated by Alessandra Merizzi

This 2-day workshop focuses on the exploration of psychological aspects of ageing in a Gestalt Therapy key. The event is open to Counsellors, Helping Professionals and Therapists, including those in training.

Considering the major psychological aspects of the human development during the life span, this 2-day workshop aims to answer questions about the way the person’s Self and identity are involved in the process of ageing, both a healthy process and a less functional or psychopathological one. The ageing process is influenced by many variables which are determined by both personal aspects e.g. personality traits and social-cultural ones. All of them may be relevant and this may significantly affect the person’s experience of Self in terms of mood, self-esteem and cognition which in its turn will influence their relationships, independency and so on.

The aim will be to explore, in a Gestalt key, how this range of aspects might influence our experience of ageing in terms of how we experience our Self, how we modify our identity alongside our life style and attitude to life. There will be an exploration of both healthy ageing and pathological ageing.

The workshop will include a theoretical presentation, experiential work and discussion.

Cost: £140  (Early bird £120.00 payable by 31st March 17) Times: 10am – 5pm

Payment methods: by cheque, or through the Manchester Gestalt Centre website.

Also send in (or write on the web booking form) a paragraph or two about yourself and your interest in this workshop, plus your contact details and email address. Some reduced fee places may be available.  Please enquire if you think you may be eligible. Refunds will only be given if for any reason we are unable to offer you a place or if the workshop is cancelled

  • A certificate of attendance will be given out at the end of the day.

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