The Space Between: Trauma, Growth and Transformation

1st-5th October, 2018
Charney Manor, Oxfordshire

Led by Miriam Taylor, Sally Denham-Vaughan and Martin Capps

with Guest Trainer Margaret Landale

and a keynote address from Ruella Frank streamed live from New York

Relational Change is pleased to offer this unique residential opportunity to join a community of practitioners interested in deepening their work with trauma. The medieval house, barn and walled gardens of Charney Manor in Oxfordshire will provide the backdrop for our work. We will feel our way into a reflective space in which the experience of trauma can be held with curiosity, compassion and contact, opening the potential for choice. Bringing together elements of theory, skills development and personal process, we will build a ground of support for growth and transformation. With a keynote address by Ruella Frank (via video link) and a guest appearance from Margaret Landale, we anticipate a rich and healing experience. Core faculty from Relational Change are Miriam Taylor, Sally Denham Vaughan and Martin Capps, each bringing their wide experience to the subject.

Please see the flyer for full details.