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Leaders and Writers Gathering, 2019


Sofia, Bulgaria
April, 2019

The Leaders gathering offers leaders and senior trainers of Gestalt institutes the possibility to share ideas, experiences and questions regarding leading the institute or training the Gestalt students.

This gathering has a long lasting tradition and history, and has served many leaders of Gestalt institutes all over the world in developing their institute and the quality of their training programs.

The content of the gathering consists of a combination of discussion groups, plenary meetings and process groups. The topics will be suggested and facilitated by the participants. We will inform you about possible topics and facilitators as soon as we have a better idea on it.

This time, the gathering will be organised and facilitated by Elena Llieva and her colleague Dessislava Lashkova and supported by Frans Meulmeester. For full details, please see the flyer, here.

Writers Gathering

The Writers gathering has a twenty year tradition. A structure has been created to provide maximum support for writers. The process includes, attending to blocks and providing ongoing support. Participants are asked to bring a writing project “anything from an idea to an almost finished book” to the gathering. You will get support in putting these ideas and inspiration into further writing.

This time, the Writers Gathering will be facilitated by Joe Melnick. For full details, please see the flyer, here.

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2019 Gestalt Research Conference, Chile


For the 4th time therapists, researchers and students will meet and discuss many important questions related to psychotherapy from the Gestalt perspective.

The Gestalt Research Conference will take place  from 29th May to 1st June, 2019 at the Universidad Central de Chile, Santiago, Chile. The conference flyer is available to view here.

The most renowned contemporary researchers and practitioners of psychotherapy have already confirmed their participation – among them Prof. Michael Lambert, Prof. Clara Hill, Prof. Mariane Krause confirmed their presence as keynote speakers.

Michael Lambert, PhD – His research spans 30 years and has emphasized psychotherapy outcome, process and the measurement of change. He has edited, authored, or co-authored nine academic research based books, and 40 book chapters, while publishing over 150 scientific articles on treatment outcomes. He also has been in private practice as a psychotherapist throughout his career.

Clara Hill, PhD – Her major research interests are helping skills, psychotherapy process and outcome, training therapists, dream work, qualitative research, and meaning in life. She has published over 220 journal articles, over 65 chapters in books, and 14 books (including Helping Skills, Dream Work in Therapy, Insight in Psychotherapy, Transformation in Psychotherapy, Consensual Qualitative Research, and Meaning in Life).

Mariane Krause, PhD – Her areas of research are change processes in psychotherapy, depression, and the interaction between sociocultural and mental health conditions. She has led several research projects in these areas, with funding from the Millennium Scientific Initiative of the Ministry of Economy, Development, and Tourism, the National Committee of Scientific and Technological Research, and the United Nations Development Program.

This is wonderful opportunity for ALL who are interested in Gestalt therapy and science. Also for those who are looking for networking possibilities and inspiration. And of course for young and experienced researchers who are warmly welcome to present their projects or initiate new ones. The early bird fee is 300 USD. 

And last but not least this conference is in line with the three previous ones held in Cape Cod (2013, 2015) and Paris (2017) sponsored by AAGT, GISC and EAGT, and also with the educational seminar “Research in Gestalt Therapy. Introducing research methods to Gestalt practitioners” organized in 2014 by EAGT.

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