2019 Residential Conference

Gestalt Therapy Now – Vitality, Integrity and Visibility

26th-28th July, 2019

Lane End Conference Centre, High Wycombe

The conference, Gestalt Therapy Now – Vitality, Integrity and Visibility, has been devised to build on our 2018 conference, where we worked as a community to share diverse experiences of working as Gestalt therapists, and to consider how we might collaborate to support and enhance awareness of Gestalt in a range of contexts. This year we hope to:

  • Honour the vitality that characterises gestalt practice;
  • Explore the relationship between our vitality, integrity and visibility as a modality;
  • Reflect on our relationship with colleagues in Europe in the light of new social-political realities and UKAGP-EAGT joint membership;
  • Resource conference participants by creating diverse spaces and opportunities to deepen personal and professional awareness, and engage in contact and dialogue.

Being aware of Brexit, we are keen to further develop our close connection with EAGT, and to maintain a relationship with Europe that is both visible and vital; we feel that staying close to our European partners has integrity.  We are therefore delighted that Jan Roubal has agreed to be our keynote speaker. Jan is a renowned Czech psychiatrist, member of the EAGT board and a key figure in promoting Gestalt research, and is looking forward to being in dialogue with our community.

The Conference Organising Group has fine tuned the conference programme, and we are excited to share that, in addition to Jan’s keynote, our themes of Vitality, Integrity and Visibility will be explored through a range of small and large group events, including:

  • Sensing Connection – Exploring the fragments of perception with which we create “together”, with Peri Mackintosh
  • Haka: A Ritual Celebration of our Shared Vitality Affirming our Resolve, facilitated by Karl Burrows;
  • Gestalt in the UK: A Constellations Approach, with Penny Shapland-Chew and Sarah Henbrey;
  • Free pre-conference workshops on the theme of writing facilitated by Christine Stevens, and by John Gillespie and Chris O’Malley;
  • Whole Community Meeting, facilitated by Gaie Houston and Ruth Nightingale;
  • Emergent Interest Groups, facilitated by Hugh Pidgeon;
  • Process Groups;
  • Personal and professional development workshops, facilitated by members of the community;
  • Fertile Void spaces for self-directed groups to form and meet, both before and during the conference.