We welcome all UKAGP members and conference participants to join us for the UKAGP AGM from 11.30 to 12.30 on Sunday 2nd July 2017, in the Executive Meeting Room.

All categories of UKAGP membership are eligible to vote, so please ensure that your UKAGP membership is up to date if you wish to vote. Members will be asked to sign in on arrival for the AGM to confirm their attendance as UKAGP members.  It is also still possible for you to add an item to the agenda if you wish.

Please find below links to the agenda and papers for the 2017 UKAGP AGM together with a form for nominations for vacant positions on the Organising Committee.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Adam Smith
Secretary UKAGP – [email protected].


  • Four committee members are standing down at the 2017 AGM having come to the end of their current tenures: Jacqui Lichtenstern (Chair); Ruth Nightingale (Finance Officer), Rachael Kellett (Membership Officer); and, Liz Beauchamp (Conference Organiser).

  • We invite UKAGP Members to submit nominations for the four vacant Organising Committee positions now available to bring the committee to our maximum number of nine.

  • All nominees are encouraged to write a short bio and statement about why they wish to join the committee and what skills/experience/energy they would bring to the position and return this with their signed nomination form (attached to this email) to the UKAGP Secretary, Adam Smith at [email protected].

  • The UKAGP Constitution allows nominations at the AGM.  We will make nomination forms available for this purpose on 2nd July 2017 at the AGM.

  • We are aware at this point of two UKAGP members who are standing for re-election as Organising Committee members:  Rachael Kellett and Liz Beauchamp.

  • Six roles will become vacant on the committee: Chair; Vice Chair; Finance Officer; Membership Officer; Conference Organiser and Trainee, Pre-Accreditation and Institute Engagement.

  • The Organising Committee has nominated Belinda Harris [current Vice Chair] to the role of Chair of the UKAGP Organising Committee and Helen Thomas [current Trainee, Pre-Accred. & Institute Engagement] to the role of Vice Chair.

  • We are looking for new members with finance, systems, leadership skills and energy!

Honorary Treasurer

  • This post sits outside of the committee, and is open to current or retired finance professionals, or people with sound financial experience, looking for an opportunity to do some voluntary work. The main role would be to have a consistent person who stays as committee members come and go, and to offer support as needed to the finance officer. There is no requirement to attend committee meetings.

  • Please contact Ruth Nightingale on [email protected] for more information.