Alisa Logan

Thankyou to all the organisers for all your hard work arranging such a successful conference! I found the weekend very enriching and arrived home very tired – but happy.

The atmosphere was just right and I met some new people, as well as catching up with colleagues I hadn’t seen for years.

The setting, and accomodation worked well for me. The weather was perfect for once. How did you manage to organise this?

Both keynote speakers were most stimulating and I appreciated the way in which they were part of the conference. I thought Jaqui was
courageous sharing how she had come to invite both Michael and Hugh and for me this added greater depth to their work.

One highlight is going outside and becoming aware of the impact of trees on the environment.

It was difficult deciding which workshops to attend, as so many were inviting. I wasn’t disappointed with the ones I chose and that seemed to be the verdict of others I spoke to.