An Autumn Summary – 2021

By Jim Robinson

So, we know our perception is deeply self-created
That the lens through which we meet life is formed by our conditioning.
Yes, we are all victims, and consequently, relatively insecure
And this maintains our separation from being fully here, now.
Yet, to take full responsibility for our inner orientation is so difficult.
This is beyond any intellectual recognition of relativity and subjectivity,
We need to hold ourselves in question at all levels and in all aspects,
Opening ourselves to being in question, to looking, to awareness.
Yet for this, we need to love and forgive ourselves enough
So that the trauma created forces, that drive our compulsive ways of being, can loosen.
Support for this comes from glimpsing that beyond our self with its trauma generated ego,
Lies the absolute of “Goodness, Beauty and Truth” – of Being.

By opening our hearts and minds and bodies we can glimpse
That beyond our clouded self, there is this other transpersonal reality
Of non-personal, Love, Consciousness and Energy,
And that, inch by inch, we can make our way towards embodying this.
The path has two strands which interweave in mutual support,
One is made from compassion, understanding, support, and love,
The other, requires us to take self-responsibility for our choices,
Both conscious and unconscious, around how we relate to life.
As we dismantle the imagined dream of ourselves along this path
Every difficulty can be a doorway, to self-compassion, healing, clarity, and integration,
This work of facing and opening each door, deepens our connection to Beingness,
To its infinite and eternal here and now ness, that is our home.

Jim Robinson – I am a Gestalt psychotherapist and supervisor in East Sussex. I have been walking this paradoxical path towards freedom for a long time, an integral part of which has been working to understand the relationship between the personal and transpersonal dimensions of our experience.

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