Articles by Jan Roubal

These papers are shared purely for educational purposes following Jan Roubal’s keynote address at the 2019 Conference (23 CPD hours).

Jan Roubal, Gianni Francesetti & Michela Gecele (2017) Aesthetic Diagnosis in Gestalt Therapy, Behav. Sci., 7, 70-83.

Jan Roubal & Tomas Rihacek (2016) Therapists’ in-session experiences with depressive clients: A grounded theory, Psychotherapy Research, 26:2, 206-219.

Francesetti, G., Gecele, M., Roubal, J. (2013). Gestalt Therapy Approach to Psychopathology. In: Francesetti G., Gecele M., Roubal J. (eds.). Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice. From Psychopathology to the Aesthetics of Contact. Milano: FrancoAngeli, p. 59-76.