Creating a History of UK Gestalt

A UKAGP archive project initiated by Judy Graham

There is a rich history of Gestalt practice in the UK which is often held only in the memories of individuals, which others (especially newcomers) may not have easy access to.

We would like to build a comprehensive ‘family history’, to record stories of how Gestalt has developed in the UK. It will trace our history of how we’ve reached the stage we are at now, and support our collective and continuing engagement as a Gestalt Community. These details will be developed into a timeline wall mural telling our story – and potentially other creative outputs in the future.

Judy Graham has kindly offered to start the process by creating a questionnaire. We warmly invite all gestalt practitioners (not only UKAGP members) to complete it, and share their own ‘Gestalt history’ for future posterity.

Whether you’ve been engaging with the Gestalt community for years, or are new to it all, we’d love to hear your story of involvement. You can complete the questionnaire online, or download a version to send offline, and please do share the link with anyone you know who might be interested.

Any help you can give would be gratefully received.

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