Individual Psychology

By Karolina Burda

“Silence I discovered is something you can hear” Haruki Murakami 

Individual psychotherapy, I discovered, is something you can feel.

These trees symbolise, to me, the unique intimacy, nourishing intentions, courageous curiosity; the incredibly influential co-presence of a therapeutic dance, of a meeting/contact/space between psychotherapist and client.

It feels to me too delicate, too special, to write about it more than just sharing this condensed message.

I trust my readers will find the meaning in it.

… If you have enough will.
I trust you will persist, and so you will imagine … and feel what I mean.

In deep gratitude for this uniqueness and co-presence,

Karolina Burda

Karolina Burda lives in Surrey, and is a passion driven person having variety of experiences, and the privilege of meeting beautiful individuals – a gestaltist at heart who aims to become a psychotherapist.

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