Dancing with Little-Big (QPOC Pride, 2021)

Kirath Ghataora

Glints in the mirror
Warm smile
Knowing you’re enough

You are light
Eyes laughing
The giggle kicks back
Knowing it’s been rough

Skin on skin
Cheek brushes shoulder
The soft hairs knowing
Knowing it’s been tough

Ahhh so I breathe
And look who comes rushing!?..
Its Heart – from way back where
Eyes ‘what, me!?’ wide
Head resisting the lasso line

Haha yes you
Fabulous you
You little beauty you
I’m with you

Kirath Ghataora (they/she)
Integrative Psychotherapist, working joyfully within community organisations and private practice with adult individuals and groups; with much work focusing on empowering intersectional and inclusivity experiences (e.g. BIPOC, disabled, LGBTQ+, survivors of abuse, allyship) through holistic, creative and embodied exploration/ expression.

London, UK
Email: [email protected] / Instagram: @gathering_together_wellbeing

Image credit: Matthew Henry

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