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How Covid and lockdown have affected my life and my work

By Maja Mojaš Andrijašević

Before the first case of Covid 19 in Croatia on 25th February 2020, the disease for me was something that had been happening in the distance, I denied it.  In March, the lockdown came. It shook all the aspects of my life: personal, family, social and business. I remembered the war I had gone through 30 years ago in Dubrovnik, the loss of control, feelings were the same: my helplessness, anger, fear– I was re traumatized.  I accepted my feelings and looked for the ways I had helped myself in the war. I tried to meet myself asking how I was and then I could see better what I needed and what soothed me. What helped me was a variety of activities I did:  knitting, crocheting, I discovered Netflix, learned how to use Zoom, went for a walk in the woods every day, had a coffee with my friends over the screen. After 2 months, I started to work with the clients: windows open, wearing the mask, distance 2 metres. And in November 2020. Covid 19 hit me. It wasn’t physically demanding, but I was psychologically disturbed: lots of people were dying, information on the process of the disease were confusing, my friends phoned and tried to help me by giving advice and that didn’t suit me, I was tired of listening. I needed peace. To be with myself. I realized, like in the Queen’s song, “that too much love (caring) might kill me”.  

Now, I fight against the virus by keeping the distance, wearing the mask, I freeze my life in a way that I have no plans, just day after day, and I fly by avoiding social gatherings and finding wonderful things in my life which I didn’t notice (and have time) before.   

Maja Mojaš Andrijašević

Gestalt therapist
Makarska, Croatia
[email protected]

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