from Kyrgystan


My name is Viktor Lukovtsev. I am 37 years old. I am a businessman and psychologist. I live in Kyrgyz Republic. This is a small country in the Central Asia. I want to share some information about covid in my country.  According to the official statistics on the beginning of the 2022, there are about 15% of the population who were vaccinated in Kyrgyzstan. The most of the people in the country do not believe to the government, do not believe that the government really cares about the health of usual people. As a result they do not want to be vaccinated. Our government build only one new small hospital for 100 patients during this 2 years for people with Covid-19.

We do not have any strict restrictions about vacation or mask wearing in the public places. The most of the capital citizens do not wear mask in public places. The restaurants, cafe, malls, gyms and other public places are full of people without masks. The Kyrgyz people are living the usual life as it was before covid.

It is difficult to say the percent of the people who got covid in Kyrgyzstan. I think that the official statistics are not representative. I know a lot of people who had covid and did not visit hospitals during this period.

I had covid last year. My wife had covid. A lot of people whom I know had covid too. I think the most of the population of the Kyrgyz Republic had covid. I am not a doctor, but I think that 15% of the population have antibodies because of vaccination and the 85% or so have antibodies because they had covid.

Viktor Lukovtsev

Gestalt Therapist
[email protected]

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