Gaie Houston

“Like many others, I imagine, I am full of admiration for all who worked to keep us informed about the conference at every step, and who were responsible for making it work so well. My very warmest thanks.

Contact, Awareness and Response-ability are the old bedrock slogans of Gestalt, all amply exercised over the days in Nottingham, consolidating the sense of community I feel when I am with other people who have taken on Gestalt values as they variously interpret them.

My workshop was about using the huge range of skills that were present in that gathering, not just for the repair work of therapy, important as that is, but in the larger community, promoting right livelihood in settings where the words counselling and therapy are perhaps not used, or dreaded.

Our community, in the title of the conference, could be seen as the Gestalt family itself, and that surely was the place to start. The more cheery and secure that place feels, the freer I hope people will feel to focus on gaps in happiness, gaps in know-how and coping in all age-groups and social settings, and find how to intervene with the creativity Gestalt encourages.

Bother. This sounds like a sermon, and was only meant to convey my excitement.”