Haka: A Ritual Celebration of our Shared Vitality Affirming our Resolve

The author James Kerr described Haka as: “A spine-tingling, profound and unforgettable experience inspiring audiences at the deepest human level….exploring identity and purpose and promoting a sense of presence of both body and mind”.

Our Haka will be facilitated by Karl Burrows, MBA, Cranfield.

Born in New Zealand of a Maori mother and a European father, Karl is now based in London and is the CEO of a highly successful international organisation that provides a unique motivational experience for organisations. 

Although Karl’s global experience will be of particular interest to those members of UKAGP who themselves work with organisations, he will be joining us in a much more personal capacity.  

One of the three themes of our conferences is Vitality, and as UKAGP member Hugh Pidgeon discovered when he met Karl, vitality is at the heart of what Haka is: the animating principle, the vital energy that is life itself.

Haka as a dance, with its verbal and non-verbal modes of communication is described as fostering a sense of shared humanity and enjoyment.

Karl has offered to teach us the Haka, and his interest is as much to meet us as a community, that knows a thing or two about James Kerr’s identity and purpose, presence of body and mind, and Karl looks forward to the shared conversation that might come from that.

Haka is community dance which enables people to bond, and tell stories through embodied connection and we are excited over how this aspect of the conference will compliment our themes.