Hello! – A message from our Social Media Officer

Being completely new to the practice of psychotherapy, I felt very nervous going into the Social Media Officer role; would I understand the community, the ideas, the meaning behind it all?   My full time job is a Marketing Exec at a barristers’ chambers so a completely different world to UKAGP in many ways.   However, my worries were immediately put to rest after attending the Speaking Out conference in October. I was taken back by the open-ness that this community encourages and thrives from; it felt like a very safe space for people to discuss their ideas and issues without any hesitation.

I noticed the need for even more of this interaction and conversation between members and that’s what I hope I can achieve in my role as Social Media Officer.   We have restarted our Twitter and LinkedIn platforms earlier this month (please see the links below).   I hope they will allow people to stay up to date with the community and wider issues in the field, and also provide another place for members to interact with each other.   And on that note, I would love to hear any ideas for the platforms going forward.   I think social media allows for very creative and unique content, which I hope this community will enjoy.

I am very happy to have joined UKAGP as a real ‘outsider’ to the therapy world, a feeling that is always quickly put to rest when I engage with any member of the OC or wider community.   It is wonderful to be a part of something that has a positive influence on people and I hope that social media will increase this sense of belonging and reach even more people interested in gestalt therapy.

All the best wishes for the year ahead, 

Charlotte Hegley
[email protected]  


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UKAGP Newsletter – Spring 2021
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