Humans of Gestalt

Dear UKAGP community,

Coming up on our official second anniversary as a project and facing yet another wave of pandemic shifts and shake-ups, the Humans of Gestalt team would like to invite you to get to know us – and more importantly, get to know each other – if you haven´t already had the opportunity.  We are a humanistic documentary project and have carried out nearly 400 interviews with Gestalt People from around the world in multiple languages which we share on our YouTube channel.  

We are a volunteer team of interviewers working in many languages and we would love to hear from you if you would like to be interviewed or suggest someone for us to reach out to at [email protected].

If you are able and so inclined, we do also appreciate it when someone takes a moment to make a donation towards the time, effort and expenses that the project entails, or to buy any of us a coffee through the buttons on the website

We also have a really handy explainer video made by a friend in Australia to help you understand how to search and reference the video library if any of this vast collection of information is useful to you in your studies, writing or research.

Thank you for those who have encouraged us, engaged with us, and taken the time to really SEE the people who are connected through Gestalt around the world.  We appreciate it.

Finally, on Dec 31st, we had the pleasure and privilege of presenting a sub-series of 14 short interviews in English and German entitled “Remembering Laura Perls” which are available on the Youtube playlist on our channel,  which allowed us to appreciate some oral history and good old-fashioned story telling while getting a glimpse of one of the more elusive figures of Gestalt history.

Warmest regards,

Heather Keyes
for the HUMANS team.

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