I am a Wild Slowness

Ben Graham

I am a Wild Slowness
I am a wild slowness
Sparkling like iron
In the furnace of life;
Flowing like earth
On a scale you cannot see.

I am a violent ballet
Danced behind a curtain
With candescent limbs ignited
By a gaining hot-stringed orchestra
Of muscle, sac and bone.

I am the snug blaze of my heart
where life’s heaping cinders glow.
I feel the things I cannot show;
I hold the things I cannot know.
My wayward steps still find the rhythm
Of a slow and wild soul…

Ben Graham is a Gestalt Psychotherapist, Coach, Organisational Practitioner and Writer. He has also assisted in the training of students at Metanoia Institute. He practices privately in-person and online in Berlin, where he lives with his partner and newborn daughter.
Email: [email protected]

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