Welcome to the Winter 2022 Newsletter

There has been such a vast amount of change over the last couple of years, more than I have been aware of experiencing at any other time in my 36 years of life. Perhaps unique to me: a move from Glasgow to Hampshire, a change of work from corporate life to running my own company, transitioning from trainee to private practice – you will all have your own experiences of changing field conditions. In our shared field as citizens of the world, we’ve experienced the impact of many changes, including the Covid-19 pandemic, BREXIT, climate change, challenges to our social norms, 2021 becomes 2022 etc. … any single instance alone creating shockwaves that vibrate far beyond the moment itself. In my own experience, taken together these have created a tumultuous sense of disorientation, with each change reverberating in different ways, yet simultaneously throughout my being. As I write I notice every cell vibrating, my muscles desperately tightening to create stability, wanting to withdraw, whilst longing for a moment of stillness. When will I be still, when will we be still?

I access a recent memory of the feeling I long for:  just days ago, sitting on a sofa with fellow Gestaltists, during a training weekend, sharing our experience of being in the world, and I am reminded that I am not alone. We are not alone. The reverberation eases slightly as if our connection shares the load. Whilst one part of me continues to brace and protect withdrawing from the world, another part of me is able to reach, finding connection and stillness.

“We are not alone” is the theme we, the editorial team, chose for this issue, recognising the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in, and the importance of connection at a time when it is so easy to find ourselves isolated.

We thank Piotr Mierkowski for developing such rich newsletters over recent years and hope to honour his work through this issue, whilst offering a sense of connection across our community.

We have sought submissions from far and wide to bring you perspectives which we hope support you in your own experience of “we are not alone”. As an editorial team we hope to create an “Agora” or lively marketplace where our community can come together and connect, sharing learning, experience, research and more. In this issue you will be able to meet our new Editorial Team [add link], find personal pieces from around the world, be offered different ways of connecting through written work, art, audio, photography, poetry and videos, and find out about upcoming events for future connection across the community. 

As a team of editors, we are keen to honour different perspectives across our community and share each submission; neither to align ourselves to a specific position nor to endorse any individual perspective; merely to offer a variety of possibilities for connection. As I attend to each article, I notice my responses: goosebumps, curiosity, withdrawal and at times a welcomed sense of stillness. Should you also find yourself moved by any of the content provided, please feel free to engage in further dialogue with the author directly (contact details provided) – to keep our agora a lively place of connection. 

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Written by Hannah Turner, on behalf of the UKAGP Editorial Team.
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