Poem by Ben Clayton-Wolfindale

Just a tear in the eye of a face in the crowd
Just the answerless silence of ‘why?’
Just a sadness profound in the sound of a voice
Reduced from an us to an I

Just the cold empty fact that life marches on
With the passing of warmth into frost
Just a hand reaching out to touch what is gone
In the space where love used to be
There is loss

Ben wrote: I am currently studying at the Gestalt Centre in Camden, and recent explorations of loss and grief during process group sessions have inspired me to submit this poem for the Newsletter so it can be shared with others. I wrote it shortly after my wife Emma died in November 2017, and it was an attempt to capture the extreme sense of desolation I felt in bereavement. I have also chosen to share a picture Last Kiss by Ilo K√ľnst, as this also resonates powerfully with my experience of loss.

UKAGP Newsletter – Spring 2021Contributions from our Community
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