Making a Difference: Becoming a Citizen Practitioner

An online workshop with Malcolm Parlett

Wednesday 21st July – 7.00 to 9.00pm

Cost: £2-£20 donation to the UKAGP Bursary Fund

Gestalt trained practitioners have many different skills and insights in their professional toolkit. With care and sensitivity, these can also be usefully applied outside the professional sphere, making small differences in everyday contexts. We can think of it as ‘living Gestalt’ or as low-key ’social activism’ – a political or spiritual project or both. The webinar will be an opportunity to think and practice together.

To attend this workshop, please make a donation of between £2 and £20 to the UKAGP Bursary Fund. Places are limited.

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Malcolm Parlett is the author of Future Sense: Five explorations of Whole Intelligence for a world that’s waking up. He was a co-founder of GPTI and the founding editor of the British Gestalt Journal