My Breakfast Table

By Tanis Taylor

The remains of the morning dash, the prompts for to-do for today
Toast eaten too fast, bottles un-cleared away
A peony in her prime, bombastic, ecstatic bouquet
A growing, taking vine, propagating quietly away
A Matter of Death and Life, apt to a thing we were saying
A diary of days we have left before our upcoming, country wedding
Children growing up (before they learn how to draw necks)
Candles burning down. My then, my now, my next.

Tanis is a final year gestalt trainee who has trained with Metanoia, The Gestalt Centre, Institute for Therapy in Arts and Education and is a graduate of Ruella Frank’s Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy. She works out of an inner city farm in London where she is often out of her chair and – since COVID – out of doors with her clients. After a full and adrenal career as a journalist and writer she is finding herself delighted and amazed by the rich, ordinary and extraordinary career of a counsellor.

Tanis wrote: “A friend once did a photo essay on the contents of mother’s pockets. Another asked members to take a picture of under their beds. I love the intimacy and ordinariness of the request. I happen to have the blousiest peonies on my breakfast table as I read the newsletter so wrote a morning haiku of my breakfast table in response (not really keeping to a haiku format. I have an historic issue with word count). What about a whimsical, anonymous sidebar of UKAGP breakfast tables if you have space for that kind of thing on the website?”

Thank you Tanis for your ingenious idea! Anybody inspired please email Alec at [email protected], and we will publish your photos and haiku in the next edition!

UKAGP Newsletter, Summer 2021
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