Nourishing Our Community – Residential Conference 2013

Come and join the us in

‘Nourishing our Community’

International Keynote Speaker: Guus Klaren

We are delighted to welcome Guus Klaren from the Netherlands, to present a keynote address ‘Healing the Wounded Cat’ on Gestalt therapy in the current social political context, and its relationship with social responsibility and human rights. Guus will also be offering a workshop on this theme – ‘You and Me in Solidarity’.

“All problems of our time are reflected in the first article of the Declaration of Human Rights. It states: ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood’.

Violation of human dignity and the lack of brother-and sisterhood are the effects of a libido that has grown to global proportions in the last decades. People succumb under the weight of an ego culture in which only the individual is responsible for his or her success and failure. It creates societies of isolation, exclusion and loss of dignity.

Our Gestalt theory and methodology carries the potential to build bridges between people and to encourage new forms of solidarity. It provides the opportunity for restoration of human dignity.

Gestalt practitioners would be able to orient the underestimated value of the post contact awareness. In this phase, we could travel beyond the me-boundary, and become more open to an awakening ‘we’.”

Guus is a senior gestalt practitioner, supervisor, consultant, coach, facilitator of dialogue and learning processes within organisations. He facilitates cross-cultural, community development and corporate social responsibility programmes. He is the Chair of the Human Rights & Social Responsibility Committee of EAGT, guest supervisor & trainer at Gestalt Training Institute, Krakow, Past president of NVAGT (Dutch Flemish Association for Gestalt Therapy), and past member of the General Board of EAGT.

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We welcome applications from anyone who is interested in offering a workshop at the conference, whether or not you’re an experienced facilitator or a first-timer!

We have space for 3 more workshops and encourage you to take up this opportunity to share your passion, interests and explorations with the community. Please submit your  proposal form by the 14th June at the latest.


Claire Asherson Bartram: ‘Contemporary Families – the Individual and the Group’

Graham Colbourne: ‘Supervision at the Boundary: Gestalt Growth and Learning’

Guus Klaren: ‘You and Me in Solidarity’

Janice Scott: ‘An Introduction to Energy Psychology & Emotional Freedom Technique’

Janice Scott: ‘Intellectual Disability Awareness in Gestalt Psychotherapy Practice’

Jon Blend: ‘Putting the Hum Back in Being Human’

Jon Blend & David Polak: ‘Echoes of the Shoah: An Inter-generational Dialogue’

Lynda Osborne & Emilyn Claid: ‘Falling – as a Creative Process’

Mary Turner: ‘Poetry for Nourishment, Connection & Community: Collecting the Fragments’

Peri Mackintosh: ‘The Attentional Scope Approach’

Peri Mackintosh: ‘Freeforming: Play with Presence’

Ruth Nightingale: ‘Experimental exploration of our fundamental movements in relation to an other’


We are introducing time and space in the timetable for creativity to emerge in the fertile void! There will be a space where you can respond to what emerges in the here and now, initiating a run in the garden, a follow up discussion from a workshop, a laughter circle, a game, a singing group, it’s up to you… You can also use this space to bring posters/leaflets/artwork/anything else you’d like to share with others – space will be provided. Bring your imagination!

There will also be time and space in the early morning for hosting other activities – yoga, walking, singing, meditation if you are inspired to do so.


All participants at the conference will be offered the opportunity to be part of a process group of up to 15 members where the personal experience of the day can be shared and assimilated.  They will meet 3 times during the conference and the facilitator is expected to hold the boundary of the group and facilitate people sharing.

There will be a short support meeting for all facilitators prior to the first meeting to clarify roles and a chance to debrief before the end of the conference.


Friday night will be an Open Mic Night! Bring your instruments, voice, magic tricks, dance routines, comic sketches, poetry… it’s over to you! Anyone who’d like to host this event, and gather together a programme, please contact us at [email protected]

The Creole Brothers will bring Cajun music and dance to lead our Saturday night fun!

This is your conference – come and be a part of creating it!

4pm Friday 28th to 4pm Sunday 30th June

Lane End Conference Centre, Church Road, Lane End, Bucks, HP14 3HH

Nearest station: High Wycombe



The Attentional Scope Approach