UKAGP Conference

Building a More Effective Gestalt Community

10th November 2012 Sheffield

9.30 – 5.00

Sheffield Quakers Meeting House, 10 St. James Street, Sheffield, S1 2EW


9.30 Migrating in – arriving and registration

10.00 Voicing – finding our voice in the gestalt community, facilitated by Toni Gilligan

11.15 Refreshing – tea break

11.30 Chewing – AGM and community time

1.00 Digesting – lunch

2.00 Flocking and Connecting – creative networking workshop, sharing and meeting with our peers

3.15 Refreshing – tea break

3.30 Flocking and Connecting – we’d also like to put some emphasis on how we can use the ‘all singing, all dancing’ new website to raise our profile, both organisationally and individually

4.30 Attuning – celebration of the day, looking forward to tomorrow

5.00 Migrating out – goodbyes and leaving