Speaking and Not Speaking

Led by Gaie Houston MA (Oxford)

8th & 9th November, 2019

Like all learning about doing good therapy, this 2-day workshop is about love and fear, and the speaker’s understanding of his or her attitude in every intervention.

The aim is a co-operative endeavour, with high participation, laughter, and talking through ever more ways of knowing what to express and how to express it with a client or group, with greater clarity and fluency.

Participants will be encouraged to experiment with interventions they have made and would like to have done better, or others they contemplate making. “How can I say that?”, “I’m trying to say…” , “What I want to express.. . “. These are familiar topics in supervision, and this workshop is a chance to find more ways of finding what you really mean and saying it in ways you want the client to understand.

In other words, it is a chance to extend response-ability, the repertoire of speech forms and body language ready to connect usefully to the other.

Meanings, derivations and pantomime are all likely to be involved in this workshop.

For full details, please see the workshop flyer.