Summer 2021 Newsletter

‘i screamed
sprinted to the sea
flung off shoes and socks
ran towards imagined heaving waves
and jumped each tiny trickle that I found there

three hours later
collapsing on our backs
we made angels in the sand…
the seaside always made me
want to scream…’

— Hollie McNish, When we got to the beach, 2017

Editor’s Welcome

Piotr Mierkowski

Chair’s Update

Belinda Harris, Phd

Contributions from our Community

Postcard from Poland

Tomek Trabuć

My Breakfast Table

Tanis Taylor

Postcard from Norway

Vikram Kolmannskog

Postcard from Croatia

Nika Jelendorf

Glimpses: The Embodiment of LGBTQIA+ People in Poland

Pixie Frączek, Wiola Jaworska, Dominika Struzik, Ula Krasny

Art & Poetry

We Real Cool

Gwendolyn Brooks

One Day This Kid…

David Wojnarowicz

My Soul is in a Hurry

Mário de Andrade


Working with Children: Oaklander Intensive 2022

Jon Blend
January – September, 2022

UKAGP Newsletter, Summer 2021
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