The Diggerman – A modern limerick – Maite Isabel Burt

Behind my garden, in symphony with the news on global disaster, I watched a tractor remove miles and miles of ancient hedging, and install posts and barbed wire for the incoming cattle. It was heart-breaking, as I enjoy watching the hares, muntjac, and pheasants nesting in these hedges, not to mention the wren, which is threatene

I wrote the limerick from anger. But it helped me remember the children are learning. This is their world, and their custody will be better than ours.

Maite Isabel Burt

I am a first year Gestalt student at Metanoia. I am a mature student, and come from a background of mindfulness facilitation, creative writing, music and contemplation. I live in Northamptonshire. My photo no longer in any way resembles me but it was all I could find on my laptop!!

My contact email is [email protected]. My website is [email protected], my you tube channel is [email protected] and more of my work can be found on both.