The Eternal Spring – Piotr Mierkowski

Yitzhak Laor, The Eternal Spring

The spiritual is longing 

for the bodily. The bodily

is fragrant. The fragrance is blood

seeping from the world’s body.

This night will too end

and we’ll distinguish between blue and grey

and the blue will spread out and pull

us like a midwife out of

the well we were hunched in

in the dark, in the cold. Spring, the eternal

spring, first violent always, 

violent. Fists of crocuses burst

from the loam and from the black

branches, leaves wound

the branch, and the worms, and the cubs

and the chicks, and the heads of babies

push wide open their mothers’

bleeding, placenta-wet legs.

Warm salty blood. Call the new-

born Future.


(translated from the Hebrew by Richard Flantz)

Image and Poem provided by Piotr Mierkowski
Piotr Mierkowski
Gestalt therapist and supervisor in private practice