UKAGP Membership Open Meeting

Sunday 1st July, 9am to 2.30pm

UKAGP members are invited to join an extraordinary open meeting of the Organising Committee on the day after our one day Conference at the IBIS Hotel.

The purpose of the meeting is to:

a) consider the views of the conference membership related to the theme ‘Here and now ..what next?’

b)  identify the main implications for our short and medium term priorities, and strategic plan for the coming years; and

c)  In the light of the above, and our collective experience within the organisation, review our Constitution to ensure it is fit for purpose.

09.00 – Sensation: Group Process
10.00 – Tea & Coffee Break
10.15 – Awareness: Exploration of Ideas
11.15 – Mobilisation: Focusing
12.30 – Break
12.45 – Working Lunch: Action Business Meeting
13.45 – Contact: Group Process
14.30 – Withdrawal: Ending

As an Organising Committee we are committed to a Gestalt way of working together that honours our diverse sensations and awareness, engages and excites our collective energies, and mobilises us towards making well-informed, considered decisions.  We would love to include you in this process on the 1st July.

Tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit will be provided but please bring your own lunch. If you are able and willing to join us, please contact [email protected].