UKAGP Newsletter

At the end of January, a new editorial team hope to send out the first UKAGP Newsletter of 2022.

So please contribute! 

For this first edition the theme, which may continue into the conference, is:We Are Not AloneFor many of us aloneness, and loneliness, have been part of 2020 and 2021. What are your stories? What is your news? We welcome whatever you write; it reminds us that we are not alone.

Piotr Mierkowski transformed this newsletter and has been an inspiration. Now he has left, an all-female team are hoping, with your help, to keep experimenting. We would like to achieve a publication which is full, but easy to find your way through, and uses technology to spare you from trawling through more content than interests you. So as well as writing, we invite you to send pictures and videoclips.  Exciting!  Experimental!  Gestalt!
Time is short and Christmas is near and we really need you!  Please send contributions at the latest by our deadline of January 11th 2022. 
Submissions should be sent to: [email protected].

Examples of previous submissions include: personal reflections, poetry, images, videoclips, celebrating successes within the community, acknowledging those who have joined us and those who have left, upcoming Gestalt events in 2022 etc..

By providing a submission you are agreeing to your content being shared through any of our communication channels (including newsletter, website and social media).

Warm regards,

UKAGP Editorial Team