UKAGP Vacancies

Are you interested in getting more involved with the running of UKAGP? We are looking for members to volunteer for the following positions:

UKAGP needs someone to help with Finance

Our Finance role is a chance to be part of our organising committee. The role involves three/four committee meetings a year for which there is a template for a report, regular checking of the bank account and finance package, and a little more time for invoicing in January, and the annual conference. You don’t have to be an accountant! Our finance package is very intuitive – it does most of the work for you, and there is support from our Treasurer so you are not working alone.

UKAGP needs someone to help with Connecting Trainees

As our Trainee Officer, you will have opportunity to shape your role whilst working with and connecting trainees across the various Gestalt training institutes in the UK. You will act as a voice for trainees on the organising committee, helping to ensure additional support for Gestalt trainees from UKAGP.

For more information on any of our roles or to express a general interest in joining our UKAGP Organising Committee, contact Ruth at [email protected]