Role Description: UKAGP Website Manager

As the Website Manager, you will be responsible for updating and maintaining our website, which is built in the WordPress system.  Your skills with WordPress and content curation will play a vital role in helping UKAGP to increase awareness and understanding of gestalt therapy amongst the therapeutic community and the wider public.

The on-going maintenance and improvement of our website and membership system are integral to the activities of the UKAGP as a responsible membership organisation.  The role of web manager is key in assisting the UKAGP in providing a good service to our members.

What to expect in this role?

As website manager, you will be responsible for regularly updating the content of the UKAGP website, as well as keeping an eye out for any technical or usability issues and raising these with the committee.

It is not a highly technical role (although some basic knowledge of HTML/CSS would be handy), but a working knowledge of WordPress is essential in order to fulfill the basic requirements of the role.

You will be responsible for updating the site content which includes: events, blog articles, information pages, directory listings and conference information. This content will largely be written by other people, although having the ability to format this content in a way that looks good on the web is an essential part of the role.

You will also be trained in how to use and maintain our website payment and membership system. Part of this role would be to provide occasional email support to UKAGP members experiencing difficulty with these areas of the website, and advising the UKAGP Organising Committee of any technical issues or any necessary changes required.

The website manager will form part of the team of volunteers who give their time to support the aims and objectives of the UKAGP. You will work closely with our administrator and publicity officer, and be offered guidance and ongoing support from the wider UKAGP committee.

The Web Manager role would be ideal for someone with passion for increasing public awareness of gestalt therapy, who is a confident user of web technology and has strong communication skills.

We anticipate that this role will require a commitment of approximately 1-2 hours per week.

Skills Required for this role


  • Experience of working with WordPress (either in professional capacity or from maintaining a personal website)
  • Strong written communication skills and an understanding of how to publish digital content in a user-friendly way.
  • Good problem solving ability.
  • Good understanding of web technologies, and how to keep the website user-friendly.
  • An eye for detail and the ability to spot potential problems before they develop.
  • A passion for Gestalt and an understanding of the field.


  • Basic Knowledge of front end code (e.g. HTML/CSS)
  • Visual design skills
  • Social media management skills
  • Knowledge of SEO and web analytics.

Further Information:

Volunteering for UKAGP is a great way to make connections with the wider gestalt community, and to help raise the profile of gestalt therapy in the UK.

We hope this clarifies the role but please do not hesitate to contact the UKAGP Administrator on [email protected] for any further information.

Please also see the aims and objectives of the UKAGP in the Constitution.