New UKAGP Consultative Group

An informal and explorative meeting took place on 4th July during the UKAGP conference in Nottingham in response to the wish to create a formal structure that includes the voices of all UK Gestalt organisations to help realise the aims and objectives of UKAGP.

When UKAGP was formed, the Organising Committee was intended to fulfil this need, but over the past seven years it has changed and developed with new members not necessarily holding the history, knowledge or connections with the various Training Institutes as did the original committee.

There was general recognition that there is a need for a new grouping to act as a consultative group to the Organising Committee of the UKAGP, made up of delegates from all the Gestalt Institutes and Organisations in the UK. It was anticipated that an arrangement of this kind would in itself create a space for dialogue and collaborative cooperation between training institutes and organisations in the UK and in the process enable a structure for two-way feedback and input.

Delegates would be in a position to:

Reflect and represent developments in the practice of their organisations, and

Support and enable the UKAGP Chair to participate from a more informed and legitimate place as representative of the UK’s National Organisation for Gestalt Therapy (NOGT) at the twice-yearly meetings of the EAGT General Board.
It is proposed that the group be convened by the Organising Committee of the UKAGP and meet twice a year in the summer and winter to alternate with the EAGT General Board meetings in March and September. It is anticipated that the meetings would be hosted in rotation by participating Institutes and organisations, and that the first meeting would be in the month of January.

Invitations outlining the purpose and remit of the group are being sent to all organisations to nominate delegates to the group.

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