2018 Conference

Here & Now…but what next?

The Studio, Birmingham
Saturday 30th June, 2018
9.30am to 5.30pm

Keynote Speaker: Madeleine Fogarty
An Interview with Belinda Harris, Chair

At this one day conference, we invite the Gestalt Community to consider How can we work together to sustain Gestalt practice into the future?

Did you know…

Gestalt Therapy is perceived internationally as having been in decline for several years, and as not widely practised? This was an argument put forward by the editor of a mainstream international research journal when justifying rejection of a Gestalt paper.

Did you know…

Owing to current NICE guidelines, RSCPP, an online Counselling Directory, will not allow Gestalt therapists to advertise for clients seeking help for anxiety or depression?

Did you know…

IAPT CBT therapists continue to be employed in the NHS at the expense of non IAPT CBT therapists? NICE guides the NHS to offer CBT based therapy despite limited positive outcome evidence.

If you recognise your concerns about the current status of Gestalt in these questions, then we warmly invite you to attend this one day conference, which is a precursor to the 3 day conference in 2019. It is an opportunity to work together to examine the current status of Gestalt practice in the UK, and to build capacity for change:

What options are available to us to address this situation?

What can we do right now… and longer term?

What support do we need? Where from?

We hope you will also join us on the Friday evening at the IBIS New Street Station for a pre- conference dinner in our own private dining room. This is an opportunity for us to connect socially, and to have some fun together.

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