When you ask me to dance

A poem by Julia Ouzia

When you ask me to dance

When you ask me to dance from across the room  
The energy shifts ever so slightly  
From comfortable companionship to gentle challenge  
And as our feet carry us towards one another  
Across the space, from peripheral to central  
Your presence becomes almost overwhelming within my visual field  
And if this was about an actual dance  
And if we were about to touch, hands to hand and torso  
And if we were to move together in perfect synchronicity  
Making sense of the emergence of contact would be oh so simple  
It would be easy to tell where you begin and where I end and where we connect  
But this isn’t what is happening here
We are not about to move, to touch, to dance in the physical sense  
But whilst I am still here and you are still there  
We are not as far apart as we once were 

Julia Ouzia
Lecturer in Psychology (Education) and Gestalt Student, Metanoia
[email protected] 

Image credit: Frank Busch

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