Whole Intelligence: Building on our Strengths for Turbulent Times

Monday, 28 May, 2018 to Friday, 1 June, 2018 
Malcolm Parlett & Gill Coombs

The closing date for applications is Monday 16th April – please book immediately to be sure of a place.

We all play a role in today’s global drama, shaping the collective story as it emerges, through our responses and choices every day. This course offers a powerful integration of the work of gestaltists Malcolm Parlett and Gill Coombs, both of whom in their writings have explored how people can live more sanely in a world that often seems insane. We will focus on defining and awakening specific human strengths latent in all of us but largely ignored by mainstream education – developing a ‘whole intelligence’ that offers a radically different approach to achieving transformation, both personal and global.

  • Build on your existing and undiscovered strengths
  • Resource yourself to successfully engage with personal and collective challenges of 21st century life
  • Take away approaches to help others do the same

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