Wider Reading

Firstly, I wish to point you to the Special Section: Dialogues on Psychotherapy at the Time of Coronavirus, edited by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb in the APA journal The Humanistic Psychologist Vol. 48, Issue 4 (Dec 2020) that contains articles written by various gestalt therapists.

Mitigating ethnic disparities in covid-19 and beyond” is an interesting analysis presented by Mohammad Razai and colleagues in the recent issue of the BMJ, 15 January 2021. Although socio-economic status partly explains ethnic disparities seen with Covid-19, cultural and structural racism has also clearly adversely affected health.

In addition, I have come across three interesting articles on responses to the pandemic found in the popular press that you might find interesting to read:

(1) “A philosopher explains why dance can help pandemic-proof your kids” by Aili Bresnahan, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Dayton in The Conversation ;

(2) “How Can Medical Workers Cope With COVID-19 Stress Now?” by Stephen V. Sobel M.D., Psychology Today, Posted Jan 14, 2021

(3) “COVID-19: ‘Why I’m breaking lockdown rules’” by Megan Lawton, Newsbeat reporter for BBC News, 25 January 2021

The most recent, January 2021, 7th edition of New Gestalt Voices, that was put together by a guest editor Bernadette Latuch, is also an excellent read, whilst the share number of webinars on variety of topics available through the NGV website is just astounding; so go to: http://newgestaltvoices.org/.