Wider Reading

I also highly recommend watching “Upstream” – a film by writer Robert Macfarlane, director Rob Petit, and composer Hauschka, that was suggested to me by a dear colleague Julia Wright. This is a beautiful, haunting, and truly magical art installation, which can be seen on BBC iplayer.

You might also like to see the previously unseen dog painting by Édouard Manet soon to disappear from the view again when sold to a private collector at Paris auction; The Guardian, Thu 21 Jan 2021.

But the garden leaves as embroidered artworks by Hillary Waters Fayle will remain for the general view. Have a look at them in the In Pictures section of The Guardian Sat 23 January 2021.

Lastly, the January issue of the online newsletter art21 contains four stories of artists confronting social, political, and institutional crises impacting cultures around the world, collectively capturing a portrait of contemporary history in the making, and connecting personal and global experiences.

Now, you might have already heard about the new 8 part drama It’s a Sin, showing now on Channel 4. The series is a tragic tale of lives ravaged by the spread of HIV/AIDS in 1980s Britain and is a must watch tv series. The Jack King piece on the i-D website, attempts to answer the question “Why art teaches us more about AIDS than school ever will.